Advocating a post publication review process

The process of reviewing scientific papers before they are published seems like an antiquated system, which holds back the rate of progress in scientific research. The main example of what could be done instead was the flurry of uploading papers to pre-publication servers that happen in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in the […]

Journalism should not be taught as a separate undergraduate subject

If the point of journalism is to report in some meaningful way on a subject where it conveys more information to the reader or viewer than they had before receiving the report, then the journalist needs to understand the subject on which they are reporting. I think that this naturally occurs for journalists working within […]

Idea for a Patent System Reform

This post presents my idea for how a better patent system could be created. First note that I am not a lawyer  and have never held any patents myself. I have a negative impression of the effects that patents have had on computing, with lots of obvious patents being granted. Instead of arguing for completely […]